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Chrissy takes Karaoke to the next level !

When you think of Karaoke what comes to mind? Well forget all that ! There’s a new breed of Karaoke , hosted by Chrissy Williams !

She takes her 26 years of entertaining experience and brings it to her Karaoke show.  “You will feel part of a grand production when you step up on her stage.”

This may just be the closest that you will ever  get to experiencing the excitement, comradery, and adulation, of performing onstage to a live audience. “It’s not about who has the best voice, but rather who wants to have the best time pretending to be as great as their rockstar idols…”

As Chrissy always says, “You don’t have to know how to sing, you just have to want to sing!”

This show isn’t just about singing. For those of you who are not ready to show your vocal ability, or just plain don’t have any, come up and join in on the fun, grab a guitar, or a banjo, or get behind the drums , and play along on the great array of homemade instruments. These are quality replicas of the real things, “You will feel great doing your best impression  as part of  the backup band for the performer.” Let’s not forget costumes and props for that extra onstage magic !

Chrissy has a large assortment of wigs, beards, glasses and party paraphernalia to help you get into character.

We’ll be waiting to party with  you every Wednesday & Thursday at

The Angel of The Winds Casino from 7-12pm, for a night you won’t soon forget !

Click on the link below to read an article written about Chrissy’s Karaoke show in the NW Karaoke Guide.


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